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Pink Drunkenness and do-gooders
Americans and their "issues" Curry
Mysteries of life Annoying questions
Telly in the old days Spoofs
The cane Vegetarians
Double entendres Bleeding heart liberals
Dentists Christmas predictability
Latin Branston Pickle & Licorice Allsorts
Ugly people Gadgets for the idle
Modern art British weather
Smells Underdogs
Gullibility and taking the mickey Scrumping
Religion Self abuse
Today isn't Anything Day Real recycling
Zee Germans Growing up
Mums Elephants
The British seaside Dinosaurs
Flamers Skeletons and gooey bits
Americans. Again. Gender benders
Experts Repeats
The Welsh... and others. Hats
Silly names Kids
Big stuff Vegetables - a waste of time
Not cool Public information films
Infantile humour Australians
Vegetarians again Ineptidude
Plastic stuff Legends



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